Our story started two and a half years ago, when a Swiss watchmaker, a German stone expert and a marketing enthusiast met at Basel World, the biggest annual event for the watch industry. We decided that it would be a great idea to combine the Swiss watch making artisan with natural semiprecious stones that took millions of years to generate. The name “Parfait” came into being as we aspire to become a brand with strong values. Each one of us is perfect, as we are all unique, just like each semiprecious stone embedded at the heart of each Parfait Genève watch. Your journeys matter. We want to support you every step of your way in pursuing a passion or in conquering a challenge, which in general is in reaching the full potential in life. Remember, you are perfect in your own way!


Parfait Geneve is proudly part of the family of Swiss Made brands. Our watches run on the Swiss Honda 672 movements and are manufactured and quality controlled in Switzerland. To us, Swiss Made is a commitment to always pursue high quality as well as continuous innovations. We embrace our journey to grow together with and be constantly inspired by each one of you in our Parfait community.

Swiss-made label is our commitment to the high quality, innovative spirit,
and elegant design.




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